Warrior’s Ritual

Warrior's RitualSeeing as how Halloween is just around the corner here is a creepy treat called Warrior’s Ritual.  It comes from the pages of Creepy magazine (#112, October 1979)–a Warren comic book magazine that ran from 1964 to 1983.   You can find several issues of Creepy and other Warren titles on the Internet Archive.  Comic magazines were much different than your standard Superman, Archie or X-Men comics.  They had more pages (sometimes over 100 compared to the usual 36) and the format was larger (8.5″ X 11″ compared to 6.5′ X 10″).  They usually had a nice slick color cover (four panels) but the interior art was almost always black and white, pen and ink (an exception being Heavy Metal and some other science fiction titles).  Growing up I devoured these types of magazines to include Conan, Eerie (Creepy’s twin), Mad, Cracked, and, when I could sneak them into the house, Vampirella and Heavy Metal.

Warrior’s Ritual

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2 Responses to Warrior’s Ritual

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    What a fantastic story! I was riveted from the start. What detailed artistry too! From the very beginning it took me back to BEAU GESTE, the greatest English novel. The opening pic was a carbon copy of the relief force under Major De Beaujolais and Capt Dufour arriving at Fort Zinderneuf with dead men on the walls, no besieging Tuaregs in sight, one solitary survivor, and a dark mystery to solve,
    All throughout there were pics that could easily have been captioned by quotes from Wren’s novel. Macabre!!!, but fascinating.


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