Hodgepodge October 2014

This month’s French Foreign Legion randomness….

1.  Steampunk French Militaire.  Steampunk Soldiers: Uniforms & Weapons from the Age of Steam is a newer release from Osprey Publishing.  It features fantastical uniform prints and background information for various national armed forces as they would be depicted in a Steampunk / Victorian era from 1887 to 1895.  Countries included are Great Britain, France, Germany, United States and Confederate States of America, Russia, Austo-Hungarian Empire, Italy, Japan and The Minor Powers.  Here are some teasers from the French  forces.

2.  Kazakshtani in French Foreign Legion.  I never get tired of reading how some Legionnaires decided to join the Foreign Legion and their experiences therein.  In this news story it seems that Jean-Claude Van Damme is still an inspiration to potential bleusArticle.


3. Beau Sabreur Book Review.  I stumbled on a nice blog (Strange at Ecbatan) who’s proprietor  reviews old best sellers and forgotten popular books.  One of his reviews is on P.C. Wren’s Beau Sabreur.

4.  Mali Update.  A great news report here on the ongoing operation (Operation Serval) currently taking place in in the Ifoghas Mountains.  The 2REP is depicted in the video and although the announcer says this is part one of a two part report I cannot find the second video. 

Some background on last years fighting can be found here.  Update on the very recent combat is here.

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  1. jhovey11 says:

    Thank you for the great post. I especially lined the article for Kazakshtani in French Foreign Legion. Please keep up the greatness.


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