Hodgepodge November 2014

I was away for much of the weekend so this post is a day later than usual but here are some of the interesting Foreign Legion related items I found on the web during the last month.

1.  France’s North African Empire II.  Here is an interesting article I found about France’s recent operations in North Africa.  It’s not entirely about the Foreign Legion but it is about their old stomping ground in the western Sahara.  (My ¢ .02: Like many other former colonies around the world it seems most of these north African countries (Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Mauritania, Chad, Libya and Niger) are destined to become failed states beset by corruption, ethnic disputes and the ever-retarding influence of radical Islam.  The big 1960’s socialist-led push for Western powers to jettison their colonial possessions prematurely is finally revealed for the failure it was then and is now.  No politically correct mantra can say these countries are better off now than they would have been if they were kept under administrative and military control of their colonial power.)


2.  Forlorn Hope Soldiers.  Michel, a reader of this blog, recently pointed me to his Facebook page and pictures of his 54mm desert fort (below).  It’s a very nice construction and must take up half his dinner table at that scale.  The next steps I would recommend would be a flagpole with the tricolor and some interior furniture such as water barrels, a bench or two, and some ladders.


3.  Foreign Legion Fort at Bou Denib.   Here is a super awesome desert fort W.I.P. of the Bou Denib blockhouse.  It appears to be made with the intention of creating resin copies for use with the ever developing line of 28mm Foreign Legion Miniatures at Unfeasibly Miniatures.  More pics here.


4.    Triumph & Tragedy in northern Africa.  This 2008 after action report from the Hamburger Tactica show somehow eluded me these these last years.  It shows a really nice table complete with a Beau Geste type desert fort and a neighboring village and lots of action.


5.  Foreign Legion “Twin Machine Guns” Arcade Game.  I know this game has nothing to do with history, war gaming, miniatures or literature but it’s still an interesting example of how the Foreign Legion had permeated various nooks and cranny’s of our popular culture over the years.  It was made in 1971 when even the Men’s Adventure pulps were dying off and six years before The Last Remake of Beau Geste.  Go here for more information.

6. French Foreign Legion: 3e REI & 2e RE.  Here is a video on the modern Foreign Legion that is pretty interesting.  I’m surprised at how many legionnaires from the UK and Commonwealth countries are in the Foreign Legion.  The reputation of these English speakers is that they are more likely to desert than other nationalities but the ones that stay in make the best legionnaires.

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1 Response to Hodgepodge November 2014

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Jack – Thank you for your kind words re the Fort (BlockHaus) at Bou-Denib
    It’s with Jez of Old Crow for casting, I am planning to release it early 2015 and it will be available from Mike @ BlackHat Miniatures. I’ll let you know when I have a painted production version and I’ll post an announcement at http://www.unfeasibly.co.uk
    Kind Regards
    Mark @ Unfeasibly Miniatures


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