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Hodgepodge for January 2015

hodgepodge (\ˈhäj-ˌpäj\): a mixture of different things; often a confused mixture of things that don’t go together.  Alteration of hotchpotch (a mutton stew with mixed vegetables) Well this months mixture does have a unifying theme–as always, the French Foreign Legion. … Continue reading

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Hachette Soldats de la Légion Etrangère

(My next collecting obsession…)  Hachette produces an amazing line of collectable 54mm/1:32 figurines depicting the French Foreign Legion throughout history.  You may have seen them around–the first 32 figures in the series were produced by King and Country and the … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Warriors in Exile “Fighting Through”

One pulp fiction author that has not been represented here too often is H. Bedford- Jones.  Beford-Jones was a highly prolific writer who wrote just about every type of genre pulp fiction that was popular at the time.  His specialty, … Continue reading

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Kepi Blanc Magazine

Kepi Blanc is the official magazine of the French Foreign Legion.  Kepi Blanc (KB) was first published in 1947 and continues to this day after 68 years with over 772 issues.  It is somewhat the descendent of two other magazines, … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo

I really don’t want to make off-topic political posts on this blog but the despicable mass murders carried out by Muslim cowards in Paris on Wednesday really got to me.  With the French military (and the Foreign Legion) again on … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge December 2014

Happy New Year!  There was too much celebration yesterday at my house to get this posted in 2014.  So, despite a hangover, I’ve finally assembled the odds and ends I found about the Foreign Legion the past month. 1.  The … Continue reading

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