Charlie Hebdo


I really don’t want to make off-topic political posts on this blog but the despicable mass murders carried out by Muslim cowards in Paris on Wednesday really got to me.  With the French military (and the Foreign Legion) again on the domestic front lines – pulling security at train stations, landmarks, and other public places, as well as hunting and killing the AlQaeda dégénérés all over the northern Sahara, I just wanted it known that what happened will not be forgotten here and to express my sincere condolences to the victim’s family, friends and loved ones and may God speed the full recovery of those wounded.

I can never understand how so many in the Muslim community will view the perpetrators as some sort of heroic martyrs.  To me they were nothing but brain dead simpletons–the by-products of a sick cult of death.  They killed unarmed civilians over some cartoons poking fun of their religion for crying out loud!  Nothing can justify this.  What brave men!  Ha!  …so glad the cops shot them dead.

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Retired Army.
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  1. dahardy25 says:

    Excellent post.


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