Hodgepodge for January 2015

hodgepodge (\ˈhäj-ˌpäj\): a mixture of different things; often a confused mixture of things that don’t go together.  Alteration of hotchpotch (a mutton stew with mixed vegetables)

Well this months mixture does have a unifying theme–as always, the French Foreign Legion.

1.  Former French Military / Foreign Legion Join ISIS.  Here is something interesting but not surprising when it comes to the non-Legion units that have a larger proportion of Muslims in their ranks than other Western countries.  It is surprising however that former members of the Foreign Legion would go astray.  I guess Legio Patria Nostra is not a strong enough of a bond for some weak minded converts.  It’s what you get when assimilation fails–thanks multiculturalists.

Jan_Lillyhammer2.  New Black Hat Foreign Legion Miniatures.  More great figures from Black Hat Miniatures.  I still need to get a good comparison between this fine line up 37 legionnaire figures and the other figures from Artizan and Askari.  Also don’t miss the Exotic Adventures Facebook page where you can see much of the process used in creating these sculpts as well as pictures of the whole line up.

BlackhatFFL3.  Follow that Camel & Fort Zwazantnerf.  Some awe inspiring miniature terrain building over at Lead Adventure Forum by UK wargamer “Hu Rhu”.  You have to start at page 1 and proceed to the end at page 8 to fully appreciate this effort.  The star of these posts is Fort Zwazantnerf (begins on page 5) but there are also plenty of painted miniatures, N. African houses and rocky terrain builds.


 4.  Arthur Askey.  Arthur Askey was an English comedian and actor who lived to the ripe age of 82–singing and cracking jokes right up to his hospitalization and death five months later.  Among his musical-comedy routines were three ditties about the Foreign Legion.  Here is a recording of one of his most famous.  The lyrics to all three are below (of course you have to read them with Akey’s voice in your head).

Arthur Askey_Foreign Legion

 5. La Legion Sans Baroud.   Here is a excellent video of the Foreign Legion in North Africa and southern France circa 1966.

6.  Foreign Legion Facebook Page.  I came across this great resource this month as well.  I’m not a big Facebook fan but this is well done with a nice feed of current Legion news and videos.  I look forward to their updates.










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