Burning Sands

BngSandsHere is a quick tale from an obscure comic called Mister Mystery.  The March 1952 issue (#04) featured a short Foreign Legion tale of a doomed desert patrol.  The art work leaves much to be desired and the title only lasted 19 issues.  Apparently, short run titles and name changes were the usual story at Key Publications where the owner, Stanley P. Morse, played loosely with the standards of professional comic book publishing.

…and I realize the accent of the legionnaires is supposed to be German but for goodness sake it sure didn’t sound like it inside my head.

Burning Sands

Admin Note:  In case you haven’t noticed, I recently added two new pages to this blog.  If you look below the blog illustration of Markov and the Geste brothers there is now a link to a Library page and to a Store page.  In the Library, I’m slowly formatting and collecting public domain books so they are more readily accessible to those looking for reading material.  Most of the books will be .pdf, epub (Nook Reader), and mobi (Kindle).  In the Store I hope to make some money for this blog by selling unique collections of fiction and non-fiction works.  I’m also compiling a bibliography / annotated guide that covers memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, pulps, movies, comics, and other media.  I don’t want to ask for donations but instead prefer to sell something readers might enjoy.  Money raised will go towards purchasing more miniatures, books, pulps and other assorted Foreign Legion related items.


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