Hodgepodge February 2015

Sorry for the delay on this post.  I went to Canada again for several days and just got back. Why anyone travels to Canada during the winter escapes me but I was happy that it was actually warmer than my home state of Wisconsin.  Now that I’m back at the keyboard here is what I found over the past month….(relating to the Foreign Legion of course).

1.  Run Away with the Foreign Legion.  Here is a short article written in a humorous vein about getting away from it all and joining the Legion.  Mostly history and some nice pictures.

2. The French Foreign Legion Celebrates the Battle of Camarón This video is a very nice compilation of newsreel footage covering various celebrations of the Battle of Camarón.  I noted that it featured 1940 deployment footage of the Foreign Legion to the continent as well as Fête de Camarón films from 1931 (the Legion’s Centennial celebration), 1933, 1946, 1947, 1956, and 1957.  It has also been translated into English by the video poster Nettempereur.

3.  Thibaut Corday of the Foreign Legion Audiobook.  I found this product to be a pleasant surprise.  It’s an audiobook version of the Altus Press collection of Theodore Roscoe’s tales of Thibaut Corday.  There is a sample here.  The stories contained in this 5 CD volume #1 include:

Better Than Bullets
The Dance of the Seven Veils
An Eye for an Eye
The Death Watch
Chapter 1: The Little Yankee
Chapter 2: The Flower of France
Chapter 3: Into Hell!
Chapter 4: To the Rescue!
Chapter 5: The Death Watch!
The Men Who Make The Argosy – Theodore Roscoe

4.  Unknown Donation of Foreign Legion Militaria.  This short article was intriguing….it seems somebody anonymously donated a decent collection of Foreign Legion items to the Proserpine Historical Museum of Proserpine, Queensland, Australia.   I suppose it might have come from a former Australian Legionnaire or his family but who knows?  They would love to know more about it.

5. Brigadier Tony Hunter-Choat.  I belatedly came across this item about the passing of former Legionnaire Hunter-Choat in 2012.  There are several more articles on the net about his amazing military career — just search for his name.   His service in the Legion bears many similarities to that of Dutch Legionnaire Peter Reeves who’s memoir is captured in the book Legion of Outcasts.  After the 1961 Algiers Putsch, many serving in the Foreign Legion at the time were almost cast adrift as most of their leadership went into hiding and the ranks rapidly shrank due to desertion.  In Hunter-Choat’s case he participated in the 1REP plot but after it’s failure he stayed put and eventually reached his five year mark and was discharged.  He then embarked on a second fantastic military career in the British Army.

Hunter-Choat6.  Bolt Action French Army Build.  Here is another post that recently appeared on the Bolt Action.net website.  It is a 1250 point list (wargame speak for the composition of a force used in battles with the Bolt Action rules) for a WWII French Colonial force.  Really nice pictures of miniature and terrain eye candy.



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  1. Spotter says:

    I like Roscoe’s Legion stories, but I think his zombie tales might even be better.


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