Legion Pulp: Three Mad Sergeants

3 Mad SergeantsThis short story is from the February 1939 issue of Adventure and is written by Georges Surdez.  Forty-two men are assigned to the “special section” garrisoned in the Ras-el-Khaloua Blockhouse located on the sun blasted, south facing hills of the Middle Atlas.  For six months the privates will be at the mercy three notorious Sergeants and over time they WILL adapt to the discipline of the Legion.

Another fine work from Surdez that is full of small but colorful details of life in the Foreign Legion as well as his usual finely crafted and memorable characters.

Three Mad Sergeants

Admin Note:  I’m going to take another short two week break from posting here as I have several pressing appointments, trips and issues to take care of.  I also need to do some work finishing up several future posts that have been on hold for way too long.  Looking ahead my next post will be at the end of the month and on April 1st, a 15 April pulp fiction story and Camerone Day is coming up on 30 April.  The Windy City Pulp Convention on the 17th of April as well and I plan to attend if possible.  Thanks for visiting.

Updated 22 March–uploaded new .pdf with missing page “48”.

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Three Mad Sergeants

  1. Dear Jack,

    the page 48 is missing. I’ll wait until find it.

    Thanks for everything.



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