Some Desert Forts

Here is a random selection of North African desert forts…

Adam, a loyal reader of this blog, kindly provided me with pictures of his Foreign Legion desert outpost.  He says that “the basic structure is foamcore with a plaster skin; timber roofs and ladders are balsa…and it isn’t based on a particular historical fort (but would be located somewhere) in the Sud-Oranais in about 1908.  The rather lonely Legionnaire is a converted 1914 French infantryman from Great War Miniatures.”  It looks very solid with a nice basing job…the perfect display prop that would probably fit on a bookshelf for some extra finely painted miniatures or it can be the Rif objective number one for a table top miniatures game.

Another interesting Moroccan / Saharan building that I found somewhere on the web was noted as a granary.  It would be an interesting blockhouse as well and the pictures serve as a good scratch-building reference to the type of brick work, stucco, and colors one would see in the North African desert.

Lastly, I had these three pictures laying around in my collection; one of Fort Flatters, one of Fort Lallemand and a ground level shot of Fort Flatters.  Notice the wire obstacles around Flatters that probably went up right after the Great War.

 Camarón Day is this Thursday!

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2 Responses to Some Desert Forts

  1. Ethan Reiff says:

    Very nice work, Adam! Jack, thanks for posting those pics, and also the pics of the Saharan Granary and those three other forts. Even though it’s a couple of days early… Vive Cameron.


  2. Chris McKenna says:

    Do you think he’ll sell it?


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