Hodgepodge for June 2015

End of the month again… just July and August left of summer and soon it will be fall again (for about 20 days) followed by our six months of winter.  Anyways, I’m enjoying what wonderful weather I have and trying to get caught up on my million projects.  Here are some of the Foreign Legion miscellany for June.

1.  Beau Geste Diorama.  Oliver, a long time friend of this blog, sent me some pictures of his display depicting dramatic scenes from Beau Geste.  “This is a diorama consisting of 150 figures. The model depicts the famous opening scene from BEAU GESTE. Men are defending the walls of Fort Zinderneuf (dead and alive) against hordes of Arabs besieging it. The desert is ordinary sea-sand. Bark from trees serves as rocks. The little bit of glass in the oasis makes a convincing pool of water. Approaching in the distance is the relief column led by Major De Beaujolais. Adjudant Lejaune can be seen on the wall standing over Beau Geste’s body, about to rob him of the “Blue Water” sapphire. John Geste is about to kill him. Unfortunately my camera has its short-comings.”

I feel like I’m looking at this drama in the desert from a slow flying Potez 25 on reconnaissance.

2.  The Foreign Legion Wine Bar, Minneapolis, MN.  I blogged about this establishment last year but I’ve not visited yet.  Check out the logo used behind the bar and on their website.  I’ve already advised them last year on their decor, now I have a strong desire to send the manager an email advising him to update his menu with a hearty Legion soupe that is served with dark bread for lunch and dinner in a metal bowl of some sort.  They should also add Kronenbourg beer and several Algerian and Moroccan wines to the drink list.  On Camerone Day they should serve free coffee but then have the waiter take it away before they drink it and give them a printed recitation of the Battle of Camerone to read before they get their java back.  Just some of many things I would do if I ran a wine bar called The Foreign Legion.


3.  Legion Photo-Essay.  French photographer Edouard Elias has won this year’s Rémi Ochlik Award for his work, called “The Foreigners”, covering the French Foreign Legion during their deployment to the Central African Republic.  The award is named after a photographer killed in Syria and is given to young photojournalists. You can see the photographs here (as well as his other work) and an interview here.


4.  New Recruitment Video.   If you have the courage, the will, a camaraderie developed, if you are VERY VERY disciplined and athletic, if you have the taste of risk; Finally, if you want to serve in an Elite Corps with elegance, honor and fidelity, so do not hesitate. Since 1831 when it was founded the Foreign Legion was covered with glory on all battlefields, why? Because the people who compose it are “chosen men” for reliable values and proven virtues. If you feel able to be part of this “Family” will open an exceptional life. change of life!

5.  Foreign Legion Figures.  There is an interesting figure posted at Joy and Forgetfulness blog.  I don’t think I ever saw this one before.  Over on Benno’s there are some pictures of both Airfix and ESCI 1:72 plastic Legion figures.  Incredible brush work.  54mm Armies in Plastic figures here.  Over at TMP there are some pictures of WWII Legion.

ffl-81mm-mortar blogger-image--333949545 DSC_0153


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