Legion Pulp: When the Dead Arise

When the Dead AriseHere is a Foreign Legion tale by J. D. Newsom that first appeared  in the 10 January 1930 issue of Short Stories and again in the January 1951 issue (when the dying magazine was relying on reprints)Newsom was a prolific writer of various pulp fiction genres but had an affinity for writing sometimes outrageous adventures set in the French Foreign Legion.  More so than Georges Surdez and Robert Carse, the other two major Foreign Legion fictioneers, Newsom’s tales would often depict fictional last stands of Legion detachments where there are only a handful of survivors left to be rescued by a relief column.  When the Dead Arise sticks to this formula.  (Thanks to SAS/JVH for the scan from the 1951 issue).

When the Dead Arise

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4 Responses to Legion Pulp: When the Dead Arise

  1. Joe Allegretti says:

    I wish that someone–Altus Press?–would publish a series of Foreign Legion reprints by writers like Carse, Newsom, and (especially) Surdez.

    joe allegretti


    • Jack Wagner says:


      The owner of Altus Press had that very idea and contacted me about some options last year. He was thinking along the lines of a thick heavy volume of various authors similar to Otto Penzler’s “Big Book of Pulp” or “Big Book of Adventure Stories”. Other ideas were to gather all of the H. Bedford-Jones “Warriors in Exile” stories or the Hell’s Angles squad by Warren Hastings Miller. There is also an earlier series by Newsom. So hopefully we might see something in the future. I believe they now have the rights to hundreds of FFL stories.


  2. Frank says:

    Jack, now that is something too look forward to reading.


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