Hodgepodge for July 2015

A little late on this post but here are some of the Foreign Legion related items I’ve come across in July.

Part-PAR-Par8201617-1-1-01. Dark Mystique of French Foreign Legion.  A short AFP article on the Foreign Legion recently appeared on Yahoo News. It was also accompanied by some decent photos.  The article is short and lacks some substance but like most online news these days I find the comments far more entertaining.  There are are some 400 plus comments to this article including some with first hand assessments of working with the Legion as well as a couple made by those serving in the Legion.

2. Tougher Than The Rest.  If you have the time you should go to YouTube and check out this video.  It is broken into three parts but there is also a 2 hour long version as well. (NOTE: The first video has a stalled frame that lasts for a couple of minutes but it picks up again.)

3.  Arab / Desert Forts.  I found several new miniature Arab style desert forts last month.  Over at the Empires at War blog there is a very nice how-to article of an Arab style desert fort.  It seems to be a laser cut MDF kit but I’m not sure what company made it.  The final result is very nice.  There is another similar kit by Lasercraft Art available here. The Guild forums have this post of a Gendarmerie Fort in The Dhofar.  This is a smaller scale fort for Flames of War scenarios and miniatures.  Also check out the pictures of other structures at this photobucket page.  And lastly there are a couple of posts for creating an a hill fort (Afghanistan perhaps).  This structure was made from cork board and the final result looks great with a nice paint job and landscaping.

4. Pulp Miniatures.  I noticed that Pulp Figures (manufacturers of very unique miniatures for pulp war gaming) have some Foreign Legion figures under the headliner “Far Flung French”.  There are five figures comprising “Major LeDuc’s Enfants Terrible” and two to-be-released legionnaire infantry.  All appear to be in the greenish interwar uniform.  Note:  They also have Canadian Mountie figures

Admin Note:  I’m back home.  My mother-in-law is doing much better and we hope her rehabilitation is short and she gets back to her usual self.  Strokes are nasty and seeing their damage first hand definitely makes one consider healthier lifestyles. 

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