Hi-Res Uniform Prints

1. Regt. EtrangerHere are some really nice uniform prints I recently found at the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection.  This resource is not new to me and I may have posted some smaller versions of their illustrations in earlier posts.  The difference now is that Brown University Library seems to have a new gallery engine that offers downloads of very large image files in JP2 format (or maybe I just overlooked this).  I figured out how to download these files and convert them into normal .jpeg format (I used a plug-in for IrfanView).  These large image files are perfect for creating nice quality framed prints that are perfect for the man cave or library or study.  You just have to bring the image to a local printing shop that has a large format printer and no problems with printing public domain material for home use.  Today I’m just posting a couple of sample pictures of the dozens that I’ve downloaded.  The rest are pictures of other French military units such as Zouaves, Tirailleurs, and the various cavalry found in North Africa. The size of each picture, about 27MB each, is a bit problematic for posting on a “wordpress” blog so I’m going to make additional posts with Mediafire links to zip files containing the rest of the images.  Hopefully these will be easier to download vs. individual images.  Here is an example of a Mediafire link for these three images and four others. Let me know if there are any problems…..  Legion Hi-Res

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