Legion Pulp: Murder Joins the Legion

Murder Joins the LegionThe Foreign Legion pulp story for this month comes from an unusual source but a familiar author.  Robert Carse’s story, Murder Joins the Legion, appeared in the 20 July 1940 issue of the pulp Detective Fiction (formerly known as Flynn’s Weekly).  Carse was a very prolific author and his fiction in wide ranging genres appeared in dozens of pulp titles though his mainstays were Short Stories, Argosy and Adventure.  These magazines were where you would usually find his Foreign Legion stories.  As the title implies, this story is a murder and frame-up mystery set in the North African desert outposts of the Foreign Legion.

I took a shortcut today and used a story from a beautiful scan of this Detective Weekly issue that was recently done by “SAS”.  So thanks goes to the OP.  The .pdf is below.

Murder Joins the Legion


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