Hi-Res Uniform Prints Part 4

Uniforms_Soldats D'Algerie

Here is an additional set of uniform prints from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection.  These were all painted by French artist and illustrator Maurice Toussaint (September 1882 – December 1974).  Toussaint gained a solid reputation for his expertise in military subjects and in particular the uniformology.  He illustrated many books on the French army under the old regime, and the armies of the First and Second Empire.  His work was also seen in advertising illustrations for the French rail network and in many historical, detective and teen magazines like The Ace. (Wiki).  This particular set of 22 watercolors depicts soldiers of the French military in North Africa (Armée d’Afrique) from 1830 to 1865.  I adjusted the contrast slightly to bring out the colors.  The medium resolution pictures are in the gallery below and the higher resolutions pics can be downloaded from this link:

Maurice Toussaint Watercolors

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