Legion Pulp: Legion Law

Legion Law IllusHere is the pulp fiction story for the month of October–a day late.  This tale is from Action Stories pulp magazine.  This Fiction House publication ran from September 1921 to the  Fall edition of 1950 with a run of 225 issues.  It specialized initially in westerns but later featured real-world adventure stories set in exotic locations around the world, war stories, sports stories and exciting tales in various historical settings.  It frequently featured stories about the Foreign Legion that were actually written by other lesser known authors (than Georges Surdez, J. D. Newsom and Robert Carse).  The author of Legion Law was Charles Green who was actually Charles Greenberg, a frequent contributor to The Phantom Detective.  This short tale is only six pages but is packed with treacherous dealings in a desert outpost in peril from an imminent night attack by hostile forces led by Ali Ben Harim.

Legion Law

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1 Response to Legion Pulp: Legion Law

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    If “The Cat” ‘s treachery of opening the fort for an Arab massacre had succeeded, I wonder how far they would have helped him to desert via Rio De Oro. The best-laid schemes of mice and men ……..and CATS ………….


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