The Bedeviled Battalion

29Another strange tale from the blighted land of forgotten comic books.  This story was found in The Beyond, issue #012, from June of 1952.  I can’t explain why the colorist used red for the otherwise well drawn Foreign Legion uniform.  I’m sure the penciller and the inker for these panels freaked out when this issue was published.  Nonetheless, it’s an action packed seven pages that features a guest appearance by Old Scratch himself.

The Bedeviled Battalion

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2 Responses to The Bedeviled Battalion

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    The colouring may have been intentional. Don’t you think a devil looks far better in red than in blue?


    • Jack Wagner says:

      There was plenty of red in these panels. The devil actually looks like he could be a Mountie in his serge jacket. In another panel the young woman is inked entirely in red.


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