Happy Halloween!

GGFLL_Desert MysteryHere is a Grit Gregson: Fighter in the Foreign Legion story (from the 17 April 1954 issue of Lion #113) that kind of leans to the mysterious and supernatural.  Also posted are two single pages (what I call fillers) which I found were nice additions to add to this Halloween post; one about WWI and another about Devil’s Island.

Desert Mystery

(In fact, the one story that I was hoping to post today was a well done spooky tale set in  Devil’s Island that came from either Creepy, Eerie or some other Warren comic but I cannot find it anywhere in my archive and can’t even remember the name–which would help my search.  So Legionnaire Gregson will have to fill in today.)

Happy Halloween!  It will be an overcast evening here in Wisconsin with chilly temperatures and fast moving low hanging clouds dashing in front of a late rising waning moon.  The pumpkins are carved and lit…just waiting for the trick or treating to begin.



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