Legion Pulp: Foreign Legion Adventures

Foreign Legion Adventures 2Here is a real treat today,…(I think we need it), the entire second issue of Foreign Legion Adventures.  This was a very short run pulp that consisted of only two issues by Munsey.  The first issue was published in August 1940 and this issue was published in October of 1940.  Both are increasingly rare and if you see either of these issues in very good condition it would fetch well over $100.00.  Issues with missing covers still go for over $20-30.00.  So thanks to Joel for the scan.  You can also download a .pdf version of the magazine below (beware—89 MB).

Foreign Legion Adventures Issue 2

The issue consists of the following stories which are mostly reprints from previous issues of Argosy.  I’ve previously posted The Renegade Caid but Soldiers of Misfortune, Murder in the Rif and The Death Watch are all new to this blog.

Page 6 · Soldiers of Misfortune by  J. D. Newsom  (appeared in Argosy Jun 1 1935)
Page 47 · The Fighting Man’s Lexicon by W. A. Windas (1 page graphic).
Page 48 · Murder in the Rif by Houston Day (appeared in Argosy Jun 2 1934)
Page 56 · An American Officer of the Legion: Capt. Edgar G. Hamilton by Stookie Allen (1 page)
Page 58 · The Death Watch [Thibaut Corday] by Theodore Roscoe (appeared in Argosy May 3 1930)
Page 82 · The Renegade Caid by F. Van Wyck Mason (appeared in Argosy Sep 6 193)

Random Comment: God bless those killed and God comfort the wounded and survivors in the latest senseless attacks in Paris.  It’s sickening what happened.  ISIS is sickening.  Their demented death-cult ideology is sickening….and I’m damn sick of hearing the latest whining from the so-called religion of peace and their apologists.


However, most nauseating, is seeing the cultural suicide of Western Europe (and the United States) played out in slow motion and narrated with inane commentary by the usual politically correct left wing, socialist morons.   These diversity cultists are now making excuses for ISIS. They are more concerned about the hurt feelings of Muslims and climate change than they are about the slain victims.  Obama can’t even call these Muslims what they are–Islamic Terrorists, and dares to lecture us again on jumping to conclusions about the perpetrators.  How many dead will it take to convince them that Muslims don’t like Western Civilization? …or are we just supposed to live with the occasional terror attack (keep your mouths shut!) and accept that this is the price to pay for achieving their goal of a multicultural paradise?

For God’s sake Europe! …at least close the borders and deport the hordes of infiltrators that now squat within your borders and who demand housing and money, rape your women, and burn your neighborhoods.

If I offended anyone….too f***ing bad.

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Foreign Legion Adventures

  1. Dave says:

    Jack, you are a right on guy. Edmund Burke had some pointed stuff to say about how a system of ordered liberty arises, how to keep it, and what will destroy it. The heirs of the Jacobins are busy undermining the society they profess to believe in. Keep up the good work.
    PS, I love the pulp stories.


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