Hodgepodge for November 2015

I could have sworn there were 31 days in November.  Oh well, here are some random internet finds related to the Foreign Legion.

1. Thibaut Corday of the French Foreign Legion Action Figure.  Joe Customs is a website devoted to the plastic action figure.  It seems to cover collecting, customizing and scratch building action figures of all genres.  On their forum pages there is a thread featuring a Thibaut Corday figure.  Corday is a fictional character created by H. Beford-Jones that appeared exclusively for Argosy.  He is the crusty Legion veteran who spins tall tales of his far flung adventures.  Altus Press has the entire 21 story collection.

Corday2.  Travel Documents Required for Joining the French Foreign Legion.  Here is an interesting checklist for those traveling to France to join the Legion.  It popped up online as part of a South African travel company called Capago.

Checklist Short Stay-ForeignLegion

3.  Humor.  We all need a laugh every so often so check out these oddities.

An Imgur gallery praising the Foreign Legion as the antidote to ISIS

A Havoc Journal article addressed to all the Special Ops wannabes with some tips on joining the Foreign Legion

An Alex Jones interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik who seems to have everything in the Middle East all figured out.

4. The Musical Legion.  One would be surprised to know how musically oriented the Legion is.  Ever since their founding in the early 1800’s they Foreign Legion has had a band of some sort as well as being notorious for their marching songs which are essential for new Legionnaires to learn completely and to be able to sing as loudly and perfectly as possible.  The Foreign Legion band has been rated one of the best military bands in the world and performs in many shows and competitions.  When the Foreign Legion was still stationed in North Africa their Corps and Regimental bands provided weekly shows for locals at Sidi Bel Abbes and Saida, Algeria.  Here are a just a couple of videos of the modern Legion band in action.

1RE Legion Band Morocco



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