The Footprints of Beau Geste

img124About a month ago I purchased a bound volume of The Mentor magazine.  This large and heavy book (Volume 16) included all twelve monthly issues from February 1928 to January of 1929.  It was a good price on eBay and also had a nice color cover and story featuring the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (which was why I bought it).  Once the mail arrived and I had the book in my greedy hands I sat down and randomly opened it up to page 24 of the March issue and discovered, to my good fortune, a short article on the Sahara Desert entitled “In the Footprints of Beau Geste and Beau Sabreur”.  This title is in reference to the two movies based the P. C. Wren novels of the same name which were released in 1926 and 1928 respectively.

DSC00575The pictures and some of the text features the author’s visit with a Captain Mars, a short stout officer who seems to be in charge of a tiny garrison of native Seneglese at El Oued Souf.  The author, Otto C. Gilmore, was a photographer as well as cinematographer who was credited with at least one movie from 1915 and also patented a two color system for adding color to movies.  (No wonder his reference point throughout this article were the two Geste movies.)

It was impossible to scan these pages because of the large size and tight binding of the volume so I took some pictures instead.  The whole article can be read in the document below…

Footprints of Beau Geste

First picture is unrelated…a hi-res scan of a period post card depicting legionnaires in Morocco.

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