Hodgepodge for December 2015

Happy New Year to everyone.  I’ve sufficiently recovered from last night’s overindulgence  to be able to put together this short post to start off the new year.

Ortiz_U.S.Marine1. The Man and the Legend.  This article is a well done piece on Peter Ortiz; former Foreign Legionnaire, U.S. Marine and OSS operative.  Ortiz was awarded two Navy Crosses, second only to the Medal of Honor ,for his service in WWII.  The second award was made upon his release from a German P.O.W. camp at the end of the war.  His awesome reply when asked why he would subject himself to the harsh discipline of the Foreign Legion…“Yes, it’s as hard as anything in the world, I suppose, but I don’t regret going for it. I wanted to live a man’s life. What should I have been doing if I had stayed in Paris? Cocktail parties, nightclubs?”

2. 82nd Airborne Division Trains with Foreign Legion.  Back in 2014, 120 Paratroopers from various units of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division landed in Corsica to continue to foster their airborne relationships with the French 2e Regiment Etranger Parachutiste (2REP).  The Amarican Paratroopers, nicknamed “Task Force Corsica”, will conducedt various training missions throughout the island and participated in basic French airborne training in order to better familiarize themselves with French weapons and equipment.  Pictures of this training can be found here as well as on Flikr.

82nd ABN Corsica3. Reading Material.  Here are a couple of good websites for those inclined to do their reading on the internet.  The first is a collection of anecdotes, forum posts and letters posted by Voltigeur.  The second is an index to several Reddit threads that mostly have great information shared by current and former legionnaires and others who have attempted to join the Legion.

4. Cthulhu, the Foreign Legion and Role Playing Games.  This is an interesting thread posted on a forum devoted to role playing the H. P. Lovecraft “mythos”.  The basic discussion centers on using the French Foreign Legion as a plot device in creating role playing game scenarios and adventures.  It references a Lovecraft gaming fanzine called The Whisperer which apparently has two articles that provide readers with some back ground to the Legion as well as tips and rules on integrating the Legion into a game.  I found it interesting because I too believe the Legion’s history, the far flung French outposts in the Sahara and the eclectic mix of legionnaires with unknown backgrounds is perfect soil for good fiction.  Even good horror fiction.

5.  Photo Album: The Foreign Legion in French Guiana.  This gallery, entitled Operation Harpie 2015, was posted to imgur a couple of weeks ago.  Once you get past the bug pictures there are several photographs that give a very close “Hero Cam” experience of Foreign Legion operations in South America.








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