Legion Pulp: What I Want, I Take

Adventure1941-03_008Here is another finely written tale from Georges Surdez.  It appeared in the April 1941 issue of Adventure; when the octopus of Japanese aggression and brutality spread across Asia day by day and the people of the world were getting more and more desperate.  It is a tale of those marooned Foreign Legion troops (from the 5th Regiment) who, remaining loyal to Vichy France, had to abide an uneasy occupation by their hated “allies” of the Japanese military or resist..

What I Want, I Take

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: What I Want, I Take

  1. ricky44nz says:

    Hi Jack, this is so weird !! I am busy at the moment writing the 3rd book in the By Blood Spilt series and am setting the story on the Legions 5 R.E.I. fighting withdraw from Indo to China. I have researched a lot about Lang Son and what happened there as well as all the last ditch Legion resistance against the Japs. Please have a look if you like at the first few chapters. All the best brother, Ricky http://rickybalonabooks.com/


  2. ricky44nz says:

    Sorry I am not a tech wiz so you have to click on the link twice, once on the link and again on the lower blue title.


  3. ricky44nz says:

    Reblogged this on Ricky Balona Books and commented:
    Brilliant !!!!


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