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Joyeux Camerone!

Camerone Day! Camerone Day is the sacred day of the French Foreign Legion.  It is celebrated by legionnaires wherever they may be in the world.  It commemorates the 1863 battle in Mexico when 63 men of the 3rd Company of … Continue reading

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French Forlorn Legion

…I was saving that bacon……….er, saving this comic strip from a vintage Cracked Magazine (issue #4, September 1958).  But since it’s so near to Camerone Day I figured now is the time….     Cracked Magazine was a very strong … Continue reading

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1980’s Kepi Blanc Magazines

Engaged in a never ceasing effort to organize and back-up my digital files I discovered that I had some collections of Kepi Blanc magazine.  So I decided to combine the images into pdf’s and share them.  These are not my … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Blue Squadron

This month’s pulp story is from the 10 April 1940 issue of Short Stories–just over 76 years ago if you think about it.  It is written by a mysterious gent called Juan Cabrera de Moya who wrote a handful of … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for March 2016

A day late again on this one and I also have no reason to post this on April Fools Day since there is nothing foolish here.  Here are some random things I’ve found over the month related to the French … Continue reading

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