Hodgepodge for March 2016

A day late again on this one and I also have no reason to post this on April Fools Day since there is nothing foolish here.  Here are some random things I’ve found over the month related to the French Foreign Legion.

1. Traces of the Foreign Legion.  This is a neat web-page devoted to world travel that offers up some observations of the author’s visit to the deserted French forts of the Sahara.  The text is in German but the pictures speak volumes.  Depicted here are the ruins of a”Fort Serouénout”, which is not on my list of French Forts so I’m thinking it might have a different name and I’ll have to do some more research and compare pictures.

FortTamanrasset2. WorLard, Sharp Practice, Practice!  This is a short blog post that shows a neat Foreign Legion war game fort.  It lacks any description of the battle played out on this terrain other that it was only a “dry run”.  Hopefully some color pictures will follow when the battle commences in earnest.  NOTE:  Lots of other good stuff on the blog as well.


3.  185th Anniversary of the French Foreign Legion.  09 March 1831.  This date slipped past me somehow.  It is technically the date of the birth of the French Foreign Legion.  When King Louis Philippe signed the decree authorizing the formation of a Legion of Foreigners (Légion d’Etrangers).  There are a couple of articles about this and the best is from Osprey Publishing Blog that is well illustrated from their publications.

Foreign_Legion_14.  Foreign Legion Tribute Video.  Here is a well done motivational video depicting the Foreign Legion (mainly the 2nd Parachute Regiment) in various settings accompanied for the first portion by some Linkin Park music.  NOTE: You need to watch it in YouTube.

5.  Update to Legion Fort: Chegga.  A very kindly reader provided some updated information on one of the most isolated French Forts in Africa located in the very upper northeast part of Mauritania.  See the comments here or go to this website to see the great pictures.

Chegga Courtyard N_corner

6.  Some Foolery.  Fooled you.…….Here’s some foolishness–a couple of clips from one of my favorite movies The Flying Deuces starring Laurel and Hardy.  The first is an awkward scene of camaraderie and foot care and the other appears to be the easiest desertion from the Legion on record.













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