1980’s Kepi Blanc Magazines

Engaged in a never ceasing effort to organize and back-up my digital files I discovered that I had some collections of Kepi Blanc magazine.  So I decided to combine the images into pdf’s and share them.  These are not my scans and also not the highest quality but you can read most of the text.  The issues below include the December 1980 (#397), March 1983 (#422), and June 1983 (#425).

In looking through these magazines I found that the older issues seem to include slightly more articles and pictures on the Foreign Legion’s history, badges, and famous personalities than the larger more slick issues published today.  The modern magazine whose current issue is April 2016 (#780) is still very enjoyable to look through but lacks articles like you find in the older magazines.  For example in issue #397 you had two features on Legion insignias (and another on stamp collecting), two historical pieces on former Foreign Legion officers who passed away in 1980 (“Le Batallion Cazaban” and “La Pere Nais”), a short story for Christmas, a poem, a reprint of an article from Kepi Blanc issue #60 (L’Indo Chine: Partout ou le Devoir Fait Signe), and an article on the Foreign Legion museum.  Issues #422 and #425 also had good historical pieces and the insignia feature.

Kepi Blanc n397

Kepi Blanc n422

Kepi Blanc n425

NOTE:  April 30th is Camerone Day! I hope to make several posts around that day so please check back here regularly. 

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