French Forlorn Legion

CrackedMadAdjudant…I was saving that bacon……….er, saving this comic strip from a vintage Cracked Magazine (issue #4, September 1958).  But since it’s so near to Camerone Day I figured now is the time….     Cracked Magazine was a very strong competitor to the more popular Mad Magazine which was first published in the fall of 1952.  Both were screwball black and white comic books featuring some really outstanding artwork by a host of wonderful artists such as John Severin who did such an amazing job on this three page piece and Bill Ward who took some time off drawing his usual big boobed risque comics to provide regular panels for Cracked.  This piece has no plot of course and is a slapstick play on the Foreign Legion genre.  …but what incredible art work…just look at the faces on the first page–I see Elvis, Gary Cooper, Erroll Flynn, General MacArthur, and Laurel and Hardy.  If you look closely you will find written on the wall..Faut pas s’en faire.  Which means, in a simple form “Why Worry?”  or maybe… in the words of Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine “What, Me Worry?”. 

Forlorn Legion

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