France’s Foreign Legion

Franced Foreign LegionHere is a short article found in the November 1931 issue of The U.S. Army Recruiting News (an obscure publication to say the least).  It was written by Captain R. Ernest Dupuy, of the U.S. Army Field Artillery, and is based on his recollections of a visit to the First Foreign Legion Regiment at Sidi Bel Abbes in 1928 and his more recent (1931) visits to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Regiments in Morocco.  He touches on all the usual points writers make about the Foreign Legion and likewise attempts to debunk some myths in the process.

France’s Foreign Legion

The article is too short and I wondered if Dupuy might have written something longer about the Legion in another format or publication.  Sure enough, I remembered that he was also a fiction writer and penned a factoid about Camerone Day for Blue Book magazine in 1935 that I posted here.  I also found a letter written to Life Magazine in 1951 making a correction to a photo caption that misidentified colonial soldiers as Legionnaires.  Captain Dupuy was a retired Colonel by 1951.  He did write several books and among them was Perish By the Sword which was about the Czechoslovakian Legion in WWI, but nothing lengthy on the French Foreign Legion.  It should be noted that his son, Trevor, was also a career military officer and prolific author of military history.

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