Legion Pulp: Military Prisoner

MilitaryPrsnrThe pulp fiction story for July is from the 29 September 1934 of Argosy.  It is written by the master of French Foreign Legion stories–Georges Surdez. It involves a tragic case of a man, cursed by drink, who winds up in French military imprisonment and reappears years later in the Rif Campaign.

Military Prisoner

COMMENT:  My sympathies for the family, relatives and friends of the latest victims of terrorism.

Another terrorist attack, in beautiful Nice, France —-31 days after the Orlando massacre, 114 days after the attack in Brussels and 244 days after the Paris attacks.  The murders at Charlie Hebdo occurred only a year and a half ago yet it seems like ancient history.  The perpetrators of these crimes are animals–sick followers of a suicide cult and it is about time the world wakes up and realizes we are at war with them.  Why the western countries tolerate ISIS, a piss-ant gang of about 30,000 dead-end losers, for so long amazes me.  Who will lead the free world and amass a grand military coalition to wipe Daesh off the planet?  The socialist Hollande?  The socialists Obama or Clinton? The appeaser Frau Merkel?  The pajama boy Trudeau? Will it be the UK PM Teresa May alongside a President Trump?  Good Lord….we sure live in a crazy world.


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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: Military Prisoner

  1. There’s a copy of that issue of Argosy in my own collection so I can say you’ve made a very good pick.


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