High Adventure #148: Adventure Fiction by F. Van Wyck Mason

img180“It’s not often I find a newly published book that I like–but when I do they are about the French Foreign Legion.”  This book is doubly exciting because if features the classic Foreign Legion as found in classic pulp fiction.  High Adventure is a long running bi-monthly publication of pulp reprints produced by the pulp fiction curators at Adventure House.   This book is issue #148 and it contains tree stories written by F. Van Wyck Mason that appeared in Adventure Trails and Wide World Adventures.  Both of those magazine titles are very hard to find in their original form and are expensive to purchase so it is well worth the $12.95 (plus shipping) for 117 pages of action-packed desert adventure.

The three titles selected for this issue star Yank and ‘Ector, two Foreign Legion pals that often find themselves caught between the Legion and their Bedouin enemies.  The picture below is the Introduction to this issue written by John Gunnison that tells you a bit more about the author and the pulps he wrote in.

The Jest of Caid MacGregor [Adventure Trails]
A story of Yank and ‘Ector, and of the death jest of a torture-thirsty Caid.
The Doubting of Legionnaire Terris [Adventure Trails]
Yank and ‘Ector, deserters, fight through to warn the Poste.
The Stone of Tanit-Astarte [Wide World Adventures]
Yank, ‘Ector and one “ex-gentleman” fight treachery and gold-lust to the bitter deathimg181NOTE:  I have no financial ties or affiliation with any publishing house or author.  If I like a book and feature it positively on this blog it is solely because it relates to the Foreign Legion theme and I like it and feel that I should share it with readers.

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