Vendetta in the Desert

IlluI was not sure if this story should be posted under fiction or fact.  It is a bit far fetched and was written by the imaginative Geoffrey Bocca (who also wrote a nonfiction work on the Foreign Legion titled La Legion! in 1964) so I was saving it for the monthly pulp fiction post.  But, since the story came from the April 1960 issue of True, The Man’s Magazine, I admitted that it must be 100% factual so here it is.  Another reason to like this story is the incredible artwork by the illustrator Tom Lovell.  I imagine the illustration budgets for these men’s adventure magazines was four times what they paid for the fiction.  (Lovell also did those incredible illustrations for National Geographic that featured Vikings and other historical people and events.  You can see more of his work here and then of course there is Google Images). 

Vendetta in the Desert


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