Foreign Legion Recruitment Booklet

picture-000aA short post today to pass on an interesting little Foreign Legion recruitment booklet/pamphlet (in English).  Not sure of the date but it was published most likely between 1979 to 1982 (a clue is on the above illustration).  Back in the 1970’s you could probably walk into any one of the Legion’s recruitment offices and find this item in several languages.  It is a simple, well written work (minus certain typos) that entices potential recruits with phrases like:

• a name which cracks like gunshot
• a name which comes up so often in the press or in litterature
• a name which conceals a lot of mystery and makes one

the Legion represents a life of adventure…..

…they refuse to be middle of the road people.

The legionnaire is first and foremost a man of action, brave in combat, eager for change and effort; what he fears most is idleness and routine.


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