Legion Pulp: Clay in Khaki

clay-in-khakiHere is another Foreign Legion pulp story written by the master of the genre, Georges Surdez.  This tale appeared in The Big Magazine which is one of the more rarer pulp titles out there considering there was only one issue ever published.  That would have been Volume 01, Number 01 that hit the streets in March 1935.  This came about when Popular Publications purchased the Adventure title from The Butterick Publishing Company and decided to publish this one-time magazine to clear out a pile of stories they just acquired.

This story is set in a classic Legion desert fort manned by 60 hard-cases who begin to test the patience of the new commanding Lieutenant.  Of course all conflicts are eventually settled on the field of battle.


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  1. John Hovey says:

    Thanks for the fiction fix. I appreciate all of the great pulp post and Legion content.


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