Legion Pulp: They March From Yesterday (Part 1)

1Here is this month’s pulp story–another great tale from Georges Surdez.  Well, actually only half a story; the first of a two-part serial which appeared in the March, 1930 edition of Adventure.  I have the second part of this story in hard copy so stay tuned–I promise you won’t have to wait as long as the folks back in 1930 had to wait for the next issue.

The story concerns an French-American who gets involved in some gangster-related activity in New York and has to beat a quick escape to his father’s hometown in France.  Unfortunately for him the authorities there keep good records of who is due for mandatory service in the military.  So naturally, following his sense of adventure, he signs up for the Foreign Legion.


Thanks to the original scanner “SAS” for making this beautiful pulp available.


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1 Response to Legion Pulp: They March From Yesterday (Part 1)

  1. frank says:

    Jack, another good one. looking forward to the next installment. I just recently ran across your web site and for the past month I really have enjoyed myself reading about the legion. I spent 24 years in the Corps and now retiring I have a great hobby painting soldiers of the world. The Legion has always intrigued me and so your web site has taught me a great deal about uniforms and equipment.. I also wood carve and I’m doing a Legionnaire of the 1900s. I would like to purchase some of the mags that Hachette puts out along with the figure. Can you put me in touch with the proper organization or I can work through you. Thanks for putting out a great website and I look forward to you next communication. Thanks Frank Mgysgt USMC retd. mgysgt9@aol.com


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