Joyeux Noël / Fröhliche Weihnachten etc.

Merry Christmas to all Monlegionnaire followers, regular readers and random visitors and may your 2017 be prosperous, interesting, and peaceful.


Above is one of my favorite pictures from Le Petit Journal that appeared in the 28 December 1913 issue.

In the court of the old adobe kasbah, with their meager resources, the legionaries give themselves the illusion of a Christmas tree from their native land.  By means of a wood pole and a few palm leaves, they have improvised a fir tree, to the branches of which will be hung packets of tobacco and cigarettes, bottles of liqueurs and other small delicacies, and brightened by the luster of some rare candles saved since their departure.
While two of them watch the cooking of the roast, the “méchoui” or mutton skilfully stuffed with native spices, another adorns the rough hair of the “good dog” of the battalion with tricolor ribbons.  
Another pulls from the bottom of his sack a bottle of champagne, religiously reserved for this great occasion; it will be drunk to the health of those there; of that Alsace always so dear.
Others finish putting the cover on a table made of boards and stones and improvised benches on ammunition crates.  …but they have remained fully equipped, for in this hostile country the sudden attacks of the fierce and fanatical warriors of the Bled are always to be feared.

Here are a couple of other favorites from Kepi Blanc Magazine that I played with…



Lets not forget some Christmas carols sung by the Legion…

…and of course, one of the best episodes of Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion.


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3 Responses to Joyeux Noël / Fröhliche Weihnachten etc.

  1. Ralph Wagner says:

    Yes, Captain Gallant Christmas Show was very good, You did a great job this year Jack!Have a good year,🎲 Ralph Wagner

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  2. frank says:

    Jack thanks for all your help this year, looking forward to another year of your fine website. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year keep up the good work Semper Fi Frank Tucson az.


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