History of War: The French Foreign Legion

legionnaire1863Just a quick post today and an editorial note below.

This article was featured in the UK military history magazine History of War (#27, 2016).  It provides a short history of the Foreign Legion from it’s founding to modern times.  In true form for this publication it also provides many info-boxes and side-bars covering key battles, personalities, weapons and equipment.  Of note is the Head-to-Head feature that compares the 1963-era Legionnaire against a regular Mexican solider.  The accompanying  chronology of events of at Camarón is good but the graphic was a bit simplistic.

This issue of History of War also features in-depth articles on the 100th Anniversary of Battle of Verdun.  Digital back issues of this magazine can be found online and several hard copies of this issue and others can be found on Amazon or eBay.


NOTE:  Sorry to insert politics here but if you follow this blog you will know I can’t resist saying “Finally!  It’s over! The eight year nightmare of President Obama is OVER!”  I sincerely hope this is the beginning of the end in America for cultural Marxism,  open borders, the creeping welfare state, politicization of our government institutions and identity politics and I wish President Trump all the best in his upcoming battles.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Jack, I agree with you. To quote Ford on his inauguration speech, the long national nightmare is over. To mix Reagan’s first campaign with Trump’s campaign, it’s morning in America and lets make America great again! All the best to President Trump and his administration.

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