More Harrison Forman Indochina Pictures

Here is an additional batch of pictures taken by journalist Harrison Forman during his trip to Indochina in 1950.  These photographs were found on the University of Milwaukee Libraries Digital Collections page but were labeled differently than those posted here in December.  Forman’s work is not very well organized and these were tagged “Laos” while the others were tagged “Cambodia”.  Oddly enough some of them feature the same subjects or soldiers but are completely different pictures with one tagged Cambodia and the other Laos.  I think the archivist might want to re-look the whole collection.  Another problem with their archive is that it limits how many images you can look at in a day so you have to keep deleting their cookies to keep browsing.  I’ve loaded both sets of pictures into an archive file that you can download from this link at Mediafire.  The gallery below only features some of the better pictures of French Foreign Legion and Army soldiers engaged in various activities or just mugging for the camera.

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