The Old Foreign Legion 1831-1835 and its Uniforms

frontbackTradition, the fantastic French language magazine that showcases historical military uniforms, equipment and militaria (armes-uniformes-figurines) had a three part series back in 1997 that explored the founding of the French Foreign Legion and goes into detail about their uniforms and equipment.  It was written by Raymond Guyader who is the smartest man on earth when it comes to the uniforms of the Foreign Legion.  He has several books to his credit about the Foreign Legion to include The French Foreign Legion in Indochina, 1946-1956 and La Legion Etrangere en Algerie 1954-1962.  I believe his current job is as curator to the Foreign Legion Museum at Aubagne, France.  Martin Windrow, the author of several Osprey publications of the Legion consulted with Guyader on various uniform details.  Here are the three articles (combined into one)…

Legion Uniforms 1831-1835

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