Legion Pulp: The Dead Shall Arise

deadariseNo, this is not a zombie story but a nice short tale of a Foreign Legion officer who was long ago written off as killed in action but miraculously returns to the land of the living and to the care of his old Regiment.  This tale appeared in the 15 December 1930 issue of The Popular Magazine and the author, Captain Leighton H. Blood (Dec 1896 to March 1961) was a newspaper man and WWI veteran who wrote several pulp stories that appeared in The Popular Magazine in the early 1930’s.  Several of these were set in Africa and I suspect they were also about the Foreign Legion.  In the February and March issues of the American Legion Magazine Captain Blood recounts his true to life visit to the Legion in Morocco.  I posted those articles here.

It appears that Captain Blood’s literary career was fairly well developed before he went off with the U.S. Tank Corps to fight in France as he was employed with the Boston American and then the Boston Record newspapers in 1916 (at age 20/21).  He also worked for the Treasury Department in Prohibition Enforcement during the 1920’s.  He was a frequent writer for the American Legion Magazine in 1920’s and was later published in Liberty Magazine as well as in the pulps.  However I can find no written fiction or nonfiction works by him after 1933 but it seems he remained in the newspaper business until his death in 1961.

But anyways….here is the story and thanks once again to the original scanner — SAS.

The Dead Shall Arise

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