Beau Geste by Fast Fiction

BeauGesteFastFictHere is a very condensed, graphic version of P. C. Wren’s classic Beau Geste.  This was produced by Seaboard Publishers of New York as part of their series called “Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated”.  This issue was Number 5 in the series and is essentially a longer length comic book at 56 pages.  The illustration quality is pretty high on this one with very good artwork, bold colors and interesting panel arrangement.  I found it at Comic Book Plus (uploaded by Narfstar).  The .pdf below weighs in at 73MB so be patient.  The .cbz version can be downloaded at Comic Book Plus or here.


NOTE: Comic Book Plus is a great source for LOTS of vintage comics as well as British Story Papers which often have great stories of adventure and heroic military tales.  Well worth becoming a registered member.



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