Beau Geste by Fast Fiction

BeauGesteFastFictHere is a very condensed, graphic version of P. C. Wren’s classic Beau Geste.  This was produced by Seaboard Publishers of New York as part of their series called “Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated”.  This issue was Number 5 in the series and is essentially a longer length comic book at 56 pages.  The illustration quality is pretty high on this one with very good artwork, bold colors and interesting panel arrangement.  I found it at Comic Book Plus (uploaded by Narfstar).  The .pdf below weighs in at 73MB so be patient.  The .cbz version can be downloaded at Comic Book Plus or here.


NOTE: Comic Book Plus is a great source for LOTS of vintage comics as well as British Story Papers which often have great stories of adventure and heroic military tales.  Well worth becoming a registered member.


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1 Response to Beau Geste by Fast Fiction

  1. eugene olivier says:

    Comments on the Famous Authors version of Beau Geste
    There are major faults & inaccuracies in it, though I enjoyed it . It was this edition that first fired my enthusiasm for the Legion way back in the 1950’s.
    I realise it was a condensed version, but some of the discrepancies are glaring.
    1. No Hank or Buddy or Augustus Brandon.
    2. No Viking’s Funeral as enacted by the young Gestes. Besides, the adaptor calls it a “Warrior’s Funeral”, something quite different.
    3. Digby is seen arriving home after they escape from Zinderneuf. He was killed in the desert.
    4. The dead Lejaune is depicted in a standing position, propped up impossibly against a wall.
    5. Boldini is a sergeant at first, but a corporal later.
    6. Beau is addressed by his name and not his nom-de-guerre in at least three places by different characters.
    7. If I recall correctly De Beaujolais brought a relief column from Tokotu, nearby, not Sidi-Bel-Abbes.
    8. The viking’s funeral (the burning of Beau’s corpse) is shown as having taken place on the walls of the fort. Fanciful and imaginative, but wrong.
    9. Lejaune is shown at Beau’s feet at the funeral without John’s bayonet in his chest. Neither John nor Digby would have removed it.
    10. When John confronts Digby coming away from the burning fort he still has a bayonet on him.
    11. In the advertising blurb for the book the Blue Water is described as being worth two million dollars, which is absurd exaggeration.
    12. There was no “secret escape” door at the back of Fort Zinderneuf. Escape for John and Digby was by way of climbing the wall and dropping down.
    13. De Beaujolais was not let in by his bugler, Digby. He had to climb the wall himself.
    14. “three months later we arrived back at Brandon Abbas.” They spent over two years wandering about in the desert.
    15. Beau is drawn leaning against a canon(?). there were none at Zinderneuf.


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