Hodgepodge for February 2017

Here are some interesting tidbits related to the French Foreign Legion that I collected last month…

quora1. Quora Discussion Thread on the Foreign Legion.  There are several interesting discussions about the Legion on Quora.  Topics such as “How do I join?” “How good is the French Foreign Legion?” and one of my favorites “Did you regret joining the Foreign Legion?”.

foreign_legion_civ52. Civilization Computer Game.  I had no idea that the Foreign Legion was a unit available to players (playing France of course) of this game.  A whole write up is here at the Civilization Wiki.  Legion unit have a 20% combat bonus outside friendly territory.  I admit I have not played this game in ages and I believe the article is referencing Version 5 of the game which was released in 2010.


freytag3.  Siegfried Freytag.  Here is a Wikipedia Bio on this former WWII German fighter pilot who went on to have an 18 year, post-war career in the Foreign Legion.  Freytag (10 November 1919 – 1 June 2003) had 102 confirmed aerial victories and towards the end of the war was made commander of an Me262’s (jets) fighter wing.  He joined the Legion in 1952 and fought in Indo-China with the 5th REI, than to the 13th DBLE.  He passed away in the Legion’s veteran’s retirement home at Puyloubier in 2003.  As far as I know he did not write any memoirs of his amazing life.  More on him here. 

4.  Famous Legionnaires.  More famous Foreign Legionnaires are shown on this page. This is a picture gallery at the updated official web page for the Foreign Legion.  It is a sloooooooow loader so be patient.  They also have other stuff here to include wallpapers, and pictures.


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