Legion Pulp: Efficiency Expert

Technically this is not a story from what would be considered a “pulp” magazine but it was written by the master Foreign Legion pulp fictioneer Georges Surdez.  It appeared in Elks Magazine (of all places), in their September 1939 issue.  The Elks are a fraternal order founded in 1868 that eventually grew large and popular enough that they began publication of a magazine in 1922.  From the beginning, this publication had some fiction that appeared in it’s content and there were a couple of good stories of wilderness adventure, war, historical fiction, and a couple of gems from Surdez.  This story is only two pages long and reminds me of the other “short-short” stories by Surdez that appeared in Collier’s Magazine (which you can find on this blog).  As far as the story goes, all I can say is that Captain Talifer has balls of steel.

Efficiency Expert


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1 Response to Legion Pulp: Efficiency Expert

  1. frank says:

    Jack, I just finished reading your latest short story “the efficiency expert” and thought, boy I could read a good long story about this guy and his further training of the misfits and then look for some stories about his past. Too bad it won’t happen. Why don’t you take up short story writing in your spare time ha ha. No kidding you have the knowledge of the subject and thats’ half the battle. You could be published in the adventure house pulp stories . take care frank, tucson


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