Legion Pulp: The Scarlet Oasis

Something a little different this month–an aviation story featuring a French escadrille stationed at Colomb Bechar, Algeria that flies in support of Foreign Legion ground operations against the hostile Bedouin tribes to the south…..or something like that.  Remember, this is fiction and the lead pilot is American Sidney Barrett from Arizona, there is a girl involved, the harka is only 80km from the fort, there is a menacing Bedouin airplane that needs to be dealt with and faith must be kept with the men of the Foreign Legion.

The Scarlet Oasis

The Scarlet Oasis was written by Lt. Seymour G. Pond of the Royal Flying Corps and appeared in the The Popular Magazine for (2nd) August 1930.  Pond was an American aviator who found a position in the R.F.C. after the war and later became a pulp writer whose specialty was flying and air combat stories.  He may have had first hand experience with the Legion during his travels in Morocco and the geographic and military details of this story are pretty accurate.   Note: I let my scanner rest yet again–this scan was not mine–credit goes to “beb”. 


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4 Responses to Legion Pulp: The Scarlet Oasis

  1. dahardy25 says:

    I always enjoy the pulp stories you post. In fact, reading them inspired me to write my own neo-pulp Foreign Legion tale.


  2. dahardy25 says:

    I released it yesterday on Amazon. Code of the Legion is the title. Let me know if you would like a review copy.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      I finished your Foreign Legion story. It was very good. Nice setting in the isolated blockhouse and plot devices such as the phantom killer and the deserters working with the Ait Seghrouchen berbers and the sole survivor holding out until rescued. Well done.


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