Hodgepodge for May 2017

Compagnie montée. Musée de la Légion étrangère

Musée de la Légion étrangère, Aubagne

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2 Responses to Compagnie montée. Musée de la Légion étrangère

  1. William says:

    Do you have any information about La Montee? I’m looking for details on structure, command-control, etc. Porch (p. 312ff.) said that a “section” was commanded by a Lt., 2 sgts, 4 Cpls, had 55 Legionnaires and 29 mules. So far that’s all I can find. I’ve also got a few Ospreys, but they don’t go into that much detail on the Mtd. Coys either.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. This slipped under my radar. The Montee Companies consisted of just over 200 men divided into two independent 100-man units. The company had three officers (one CO and two subalterns/Lt.). Each of these 100-man units were divided into two 50-man platoons (sections). The 50-man platoons were divided into two squads (groupes) each led by a sergeant and a corporal. So in theory one 50-man section can be led by the CO, two others by a subaltern and the fourth actually is lead by a warrant officer (adjudant). The officers rode horses and the warrants and sergeant-majors had their own mules. All other ranks shared one mule. This is how the unit was described in the book “Our Friends Beneath the Sands” by Martin Windrow.


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