Legion Pulp: Combat Groups, Forward!

This month’s pulp fiction story is a “fact story” written by Crown Prince Aage of Denmark that appeared in the January 1933 issue of Blue Book.  Definitely a Foreign Legion pulp story written by an expert on the subject as Prince Aage spent 17 years in the Foreign Legion and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  It tells about his time fighting the Rif in Morocco in 1925.  I believe some of this story was from his 1927 book A Royal Adventurer in the Foreign Legion or at least from his notes (this does not appear to be a 100% cut and paste from his book).  A downloadable copy of his book is located in the Monlegionnaire Library (see the tabs above).

Combat Groups, Forward!

Note: Not my scan…thanks again to “sas”.

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Combat Groups, Forward!

  1. Olivier VILLE says:

    Bonjour, I told you about my French Foreign Legion’s project with 1/72 Hät Industrie (ex-Airfix) two years ago. I’m about to end it and would like to send you some pics. How can I do?

    Bien à toi,


  2. frank says:

    My God, that is a story. Its one thing to read a fictious account by an author who has never heard the sound of a bullet, and then to read an account by one who has been there and done that and as we say ” got the tee shirt”.This is an amazing story and now I’ve got to read his book. If its like this then I’m in for a treat. The Legion lives on. Frank Tucson az.


  3. Mes compliments sur vote site, messieurs! On s’est bien amuse`s.


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