Grit Gregson: Held to Ransom

I recently found that I have several more of these great Grit Gregson stories squirreled away on my hard drives, so here is another–this one is from the pages of the British comic Lion (23 Jan 1954).  In this story Grit puts himself at great risk to help Captain Leroux who mysteriously disappears in the desert.  (Thanks again to that original usenet poster)

Held to Ransom

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2 Responses to Grit Gregson: Held to Ransom

  1. eugene olivier says:

    Hi Jack, I never knew about Grit Gregson in the 1950’s. A similar comic, the TIGER also ran Foreign Legion stories in comic strip form. So did the CHAMPION prior to them (Legionnaire Terry”s Desert Quest). I have about ten of them. Thanks for Grit.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Some years ago I downloaded tons of scanned UK comics via the “Usenet”. Lots of Eagle, Battle Action, Lion, Valiant, Hotspur, etc. I was very happy to discover Luck of the Legion and Grit Gregson. Legionnaire Terry has so far eluded me. I do have a complete Luck of the Legion story but it requires some editing.


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