Legion Pulp: Gold Galons

This month’s Foreign Legion pulp fiction story is again from Adventure magazine (March, 1937).  The author is Frederick C. Painton who was a very prolific pulp fiction writer who had well over 300 stories in multiple genres and dozens of pulp and slick magazines.  Reading through the list of his works on Fiction Magazines Index it looks like he wrote several other Foreign Legion stories in addition this one.  Indeed, Painton is said to have spent time living with the Foreign Legion for a time in order to do proper research on his subject.  Even in this 10 page story, you will find his writing is technically accurate and shows a high degree of preparation and research.

Gold Galons

Frederick Painton was a WWI veteran who turned to fiction writing after a short time with the Stars and Stripes and other newspapers.  During WWII, he was a war correspondent for Colliers and Reader’s Digest covering the campaigns in North , Italy and the Pacific.  At the ripe age of 49, he suffered a heart attack and died on 01 April 1945 on the island of Guam.

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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: Gold Galons

  1. William says:

    Will you be uploading any of Painton’s other FFL works?


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Many of his Foreign Legion tales are contained in some rare and hard to find pulps such as Thrilling Adventures, Battle Stories, etc. I’m also not sure if the story listed in a pulp is a Legion story or not unless it is in the title. As far as I know I have no other Painton stories lined up but my radar is always up and I’m going through a bunch of older detective pulps just to make sure they didn’t slip in a Legion story.


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