Legion Pulp: The Man from Nowhere

This short story is from the 15 October 1932 issue of Adventure and, yet again, it is from the typewriter of Geroges Surdez.  Much of this story consists of character development.  Surdez builds layer upon layer of detail onto his description of the mysterious but also comical portrait of Legionnaire Mathias Vyanor.  Of course, like legionnaires do, Mathias proves himself worthy in the end by saving the men of his company.  You have to read to the last page to learn the truth of his origins.

The Man From Nowhere

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: The Man from Nowhere

  1. eugene olivier says:

    I liked the story, specially the description of the hero. It was so typical of the men of mystery who join the Legion. What I find incredible was the snow in the Sahara. I think it must be the only Legion tale that has the word ‘snow’ in it. ( And why was their destination, a few hours’ march from the blizzard, not blanketed in snow too?) I felt I was reading a bout the terrible Retreat From Moscow of Napoleon’s Grand Army.
    Eugene Olivier


  2. Shawn says:

    I’ve been to numerous deserts many in southwest Asia and I imagine that the deserts of the Sahara are a lot like the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, etc… It does indeed get very cold in the desert this time of year and yes it snows. The first time I saw this phenomena was at 29 palms California in the Mojave Desert in the 80’s. It snowed in February and it surprised me then. I can imagine that a snowstorm is a lot like a wind storm in the desert and when that happens, you just hunker down. You can’t see more than 5 feet in front of you


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