Wargames Illustrated Foreign Legion Articles

I’ve been a big fan of Wargames Illustrated since it started appearing in my Barnes and Noble bookstore several years ago.  Hard copy is pretty pricey so I only bought the magazine when it had interesting articles on terrain building or colonial adventures.  However, several months ago I became a Wargames Illustrated “Prime” member which allowed me to access “the Vault” which contains digital versions of 350+ back issues of the magazine.  This was really a great bargain just to be able to access these old issues.  I’ve kept my monthly subscription current as it seems the magazine keeps growing and getting better over time.  If you do go the digital route for your Wargames Illustrated, to make your search easier, there are several articles about the Foreign Legion.

#023 Carche ou Crève! What was it really like to March of Die under the blazing Saharan sun? By Greg Foster.

#144 Death in the Sand. Simple rules for wargaming the French Foreign Legion in North Africa by Peter Helm.

#293 Legionnaires in the Dark Continent. The French Foreign Legion south of the Sahara by Chris Peers

#300 “The Legion May Die, But Never Surreners”. The last stand of the Foreign Legion in exotic Mexico–the Battle of Camerone, 1863 by Paul Davies.  Includes instructions for building the hacienda.

#329 Project Showcase: March or Die!  Creating a force for Death in the Dark Continent by Tim Harris.

#334 Theme: Trading Their Kepis for Jump Helmets. Legion Paras in Indochina by Matt Moran.

#350 The Battle of Messifre 1925.  Post WWI colonial action in Syria by Robert Giglio.

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4 Responses to Wargames Illustrated Foreign Legion Articles

  1. eugene olivier says:

    Haven’t read the articles yet, but Helm wrote an article in a Military Modelling magazine about fifteen years ago on building Fort Zinderneuf. He used as his model the one in the 1939 Gary Cooper film version of BEAU GESTE. I wrote to him . Thanks to him i have a copy of the movie.


    • Jack Wagner says:


      Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well. That Peter Helm article is a classic. I see you found Matakishi’s Tea House as well–what wonderful inspiration there in just about every war gaming genre.


  2. Bob says:

    Hope you enjoyed by “The Battle of Messifre, 1925”. Too bad they forgot to include the map for the setup.


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